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How it Works



Book with our network of haulers and merchants for collection services, drop off recycling, or trade-in gadgets and scrap for cash.




Whether it’s curbside, doorside, mail-in or drop off your waste and recycling you’ll need to follow our instructions to prep for Scrappers arrival.



A Trash Gurus Scrapper partner is sent your order. Once accepted, they will be routed to collect your waste, recycling, or trade-in package. 


Sustainability Simplified

We close the loop by providing a storefront and logistics platform for waste haulers, brands, and individuals to reach new customers.

Seller’s Spotlight



Contamination rate when using a Doorside recycling service in apartments.

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The average recycling capture rate with a Doorside service in apartments.

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Trash Gurus is an amazing company and I feel is the way of the future. Not only do they make my trash and recycling easier, they are great to talk to and are very professional! Would highly recommend.
Robert / Iowa

10/10 recommend the Trash Gurus! I love working with companies that make me feel valued and the Trash Gurus do exactly that. Customer service is top notch and the mission of the company is something I believe in. Thanks for bringing your mission to CO!

Nicole / Colorado

It’s so easy to be a fan of a startup company that lives and breathes on developing a culture for everyone’s social responsibility!

Very interested in seeing the growth & future of this company! Keep it up!

JB / California


Look for “Go”

Are you a commercial customer or municipality and need help managing compliancy? Merchant’s with the GurusGO banner under their logo have submitted insurance and business documents to Trash Gurus for compliance verification.