Our Story

Two men with a mission–it’s not the opening of a movie. It’s the real-life story of two guys from Sioux City, Iowa who met on the little league field. The friendship formed on the field as kids brought them together again years later with an idea to form a company because they shared a passion–to improve the environment by reducing what becomes trash and ends up in a landfill.

Their company, The Trash Gurus, is an inclusive resource that builds the proper combination of waste removal services to meet the needs of individual properties. They design and implement intuitive collection processes that foster effective waste separation habits. This maximizes the reuse, reduction, and recycling of what was once slated to become waste in a landfill.

These cost-effective, easy to use services and programs are efficient and reliably help maintain property aesthetics, while also reducing the volume of waste taken to landfills. Whatever the waste removal challenge, The Trash Gurus have the vision, expertise and resources to solve it.


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