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Our list of ancillary services compliment your current dumpster hauler to provide a comprehensive approach to waste management plans for managed properties such as apartments, townhomes, and HOAs. 

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Get priority support, book on demand services, and get discounts with partners on Trash Gurus Marketplace. 

Wide Service Selection

Take control your waste management process – use unique service bundles only found with Doorside Services by Trash Gurus.

Increase N.O.I.

TrashGurus can help your business by providing on demand contractors for an additional fee. 

Leverage Doorside services to increase N.O.I. and simplify your on-site waste management.

Valet Trash

We provide up to a 7 day per week door to dumpster service. For properties who offer recycling, we provide a recycling container at no additional cost. Plastic bags are considered contamination which can result in fees from your waste hauler.

Doorside Recycling & Compost

Increase waste diversion without fees while increasing NOI. We collect recycling and compost from tenants doors as a door-to-door service. Expect to see a dramatic increase in waste diversion rates and lowering of contamination rates. This is recycling and compost, done right!

Dumpster Staging

Enclosure maintenance is needed for properties with space constraints and overflow. We will pull out dumpsters, clean the enclosure or chute room, remove overflow and return containers inside after your waste hauling service. 

Pet Waste Station Maintenance

With pet station maintenance we empty and replace bags for each pet station. We also provide community trash collection. 

Christmas Tree Removal

December 26th-30th tenants can book with Trash Gurus for a haul of Christmas trees from the units to the nearest composting facility.

Educational Events

We believe in building a more sustainable community. We sponsor zero waste resident events to educate on recycling and composting as a renter. Our mission is to rebuild trust for the industry that customers recycling or compost gets handled properly.

How does Doorside work?

Get started with Doorside Services in three steps.

Build a Custom Solution

Tell us basic information about your property and the waste management procedures.


Once your custom plan is built, our manager walks the property to implement services.

Begin Service

Doorside collectors begin services and become the on-site waste experts.

Want to increase your NOI with Doorside services?

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