Reach new customers and collect with your own scrappers

Merchants can use TrashGurus Scrap as their logistics and routing software. Enjoy a reduced referral rates and create more demand without a change in operations.

Grow Demand

Increase your orders by reaching customers in your area by listing your services on TrashGurus Marketplace. 

Use your own collectors

Fully control the collection process – use your own workers, vehicles, delivery logistics, and reduce fees.

Use TrashGurus Scrappers

TrashGurus can help your business by providing on demand contractors for an additional fee. 

Leverage TrashGurus full-service marketing and logistics technology platform to power your service fleet and crew.

Dynamic Routing

TrashGurus Scrap allows managers to route by geofence, tag, team, or individual. Even set worker’s schedules and automatically route tasks to Scrappers. From dumpsters to pet waste stations, schedule orders and route it.

Increase your profit margin

Eliminate outdated and poorly integrated systems because of TrashGurus Marketplace.

Surge Pricing

Increase compensation for workforce during peak hours, harsh weather, time of day, location, etc. Track your workers throughout the entire shift and from task to task. Build custom reports to help optimize your fleet and crew.

Focus on service, not paperwork

We provide built-in ordering and payment technology. Create a seamless online experience and connect orders to your collection fleet and crews. Build reports and let customers view your Scrapper’s service reports.

How does Scrap work?

Get your started on TrashGurus in three steps.

Sign up for Trash Gurus

Tell us basic information about your business and upload your service offerings.

Start receiving orders

Once your account is activated, customers can browse your services and place orders.

Start scrapping

Your business accepts orders and performs services for customers.

Reach to increase your sales with TrashGurus Marketplace?

Get Started

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