Impact. It is something we all strive to have on the world around us. And why not? We all want to leave our mark forevermore so generations to come remember us as we have seen done by so many community, industry, and cultural leaders.

Surprisingly, we are all working towards making this type of impact. The unfortunate fact is that our impact is not a positive one. We as Americans are individually producing about 5.9 pounds of waste each day which mostly ends up back in our environment. The impact of which will be visible for many generations to come.

While recycling programs are available, they are often only limitedly sustainable as they’re limited geographically, difficult to participate in, or become costly due to the contamination. Denver, for example, sees about 18% of all city waste recycled. With better access and ease of participation, that percentage could be much higher.

Doorside Valet, a service of The Trash Gurus, offers multifamily units an elegant alternative to recycle sustainably. Rather than offering community recycling bins which often become contaminated with general waste, facilities served by Doorside Valet receive recycling bins for individual units with common-sense waste separation steps. Bins are left outside residence doors in the morning and taken away during the day. The ease of the process typically doubles participation rates, helps keep buildings clean, and reduces contamination fees caused by community bins. This commonsense approach makes recycling sustainable for participating units.

Doorside Valet offers individualized service plans for multifamily units that allow participating sites to choose what to recycle. From general recycling to composting, e-waste to pet waste, Doorside creates custom programs to allow sustainably recycling matching building needs.

These programs help make more of an impact, but also leave less of a mark. While future generations may not remember our individual contributions, at least they could have a cleaner environment to live in. If you’re interested to learn how you or your facilities could benefit from our commonsense recycling, give us a call today.

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