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Gurus Origins

Co-Founders Zachary Irwin and Eric McGlauflin, two friends who met playing Little League, formed The Trash Gurus to offer common-sense valet recycling in a way that is easier for and more accessible to the masses.

The founders got the idea as they were both bothered by the lack of quality recycling services offered by their multifamily unit management companies. Together they worked long-distance on models for a recycling program that would both make it easy for and available to tenants while keeping it attractive to the management companies.

A simple solution

The answer proved to be logical – offering valets to come and pick-up recycling doorside as a valet service. Tenants would simply sort their recycling and put it outside their door in the morning. Like clockwork, The Trash Gurus valet would walk the hallways during the days, collect the recycling, note any issues, and leave.

The process ensures that recycling is done in a clean and proper manner. Daytime hours prevent recycling from sitting in the hallway all night, which is beneficial for both odor and safety reasons. Similarly, the daytime hours lead to higher employee satisfaction, lower turnover, and more full-time employment opportunities. This ultimately benefits the tenants and the management companies as long-term, regular employees are more familiar with properties, able to handle the removal of recycling faster and in a neater manner. Their long-term employment also means fewer service interruptions, providing a reliable recycling option.

apartment valet trash service

The Trash Gurus wanted to offer more than reliable service. They wanted to offer service that makes sense for the individual properties they serve. Together, the two friends devised a proper waste audit that determines proper level of service. The services are tailored to help to leave properties and environments in better shape due to offering recycling. Here again, they were successful.

A Passion for Valet Recycling

All movie references aside, the planning paid off. The Trash Gurus have the perfect mix of waste industry knowledge and service design in place. Their technicians develop waste removal services based on the actual waste trends of individual properties and audit frequently to determine changes in trends and anticipate changes in service levels and mixes. Service schedules are therefore developed to ensure reliability—when services break down, tenants stop using them. The schedules are so reliable that The Trash Gurus offer a free week of service to a property should a regular service day be missed.

Seamless service, individualized service plans, and accountability. The Trash Gurus offer common-sense recycling that benefits tenants, property management groups, and the environment. Give us a call today to see how we can improve your property.

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